The Results are In

I have only glanced at the Japanese homework I turned in last week.

I know there are several things marked on it that I’m going to have to review, and learn from. I am even, on one level, excited about it.

I purposefully was a little adventurous in what I chose to write for the practice sentences and translations, so I could learn, rather than just playing it safe.

But it still is hard.

In my head there’s an amount of knowledge and capability in this area that has become hard to access from disuse. I stumble to say even the simplest sentence when if I have time I can compose much more complex thoughts.

And while it makes me laugh to fail at things I know I once was better at, it also stings.

It’s doing me no good to deny that, either.

So maybe I need to get a comforting warm beverage, some kind of proper reward for risky behavior, and check out the things I messed up.

And start on next week’s because this week I did it in a rush and I expect to be marked up on a lot more “adventurous” mistakes.

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