Inner and Outer Trolls

I just listened to an amazing podcast by Elizabeth Gilbert with Brene Brown (one of my favorite TED presenters ever, as well as one of the world’s favorites!)

Wait. Go listen to it first, if you can:

Magic Lessons: “Big Strong Magic” with Brene Brown

So many things struck me in this conversation. I could blog about it for days, but really, just go listen to the podcast and we’ll talk.

However, one of the things that really caused a shift for me, was their no-bones-about-it comments on internet hate.

This is the sacrifice they make to have their work OUT THERE.

And that was so important for me to hear. I want to be in one of the industries that seems to deal with the vitriol of the masses A LOT. A sci-fi/fantasy writer – female – who wants to be a blogger and do media.


You may not really know that, because I haven’t seemed to get around to doing more than a drip and a drab with that. Sure there are obstacles (I don’t have my own camera, finding a quiet time to dress and do my makeup and THEN talk for an hour or so to the camera for about 5 minutes of film is just tricky) but that’s not why.

I knew, deep down, it was fear.

But these two put it out there–yes, this happens. And I realized, it’s not a punishment for being unable to navigate perfectly. It’s the price of admission.

This is a much more workable mindframe for me.


I do think that our current online social climate is at a new high for ugly behavior. I also think that something is going to have to shift soon to balance that out. Social network companies are going to have to show more integrity in how they deal with malignant members. Or users are going to figure out ways to protect their own.

It’s like the USA–the wild west portion of our history is relatively small. Humans eventually figure out ways to appoint lawkeepers and punish wrongdoers. Not perfectly, but anarchy doesn’t last.

It may show up in something that’s traumatic, or it may be a seachange of positive action. Just like a young country and culture, the world of the Internet is going to follow human behaviors and history–and that may be some things that are free now are taken away.

Sometimes things that are free are really stolen from others.

People are made safe to anonymously attack others at the expense of those who are attacked. How’s that trade-off going to shift?

For now, though, there’s only one troll we have control over. And that’s our inner troll.

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