The Nail Polish/Calorie Correlation

I’m revisiting some of the lectures from IIN before I lose access, and just listened to one about the futility of calorie restriction as a weight-loss/health concept.

I am sold on this, to the point that when I hear people talking about calories I am honestly either surprised or angry. (Or both. For them, though, not AT them.)

And yet every once in a while I wonder about whether I really just need to eat less. Because we’re being brainwashed by every ad and magazine and even very legitimate sources┬áthat calories = fatness.

(It also gives me a particular savage delight in the Good Omens “Famine” character, who designs not just no-food dieting, but get-fat-while-you-die-of-starvation fast food. SPOT ON.)

I realized that what’s going on is remarkably similar to my abusive cycle with this healthy alternative nail polish I bought.


See, come right down to it, this nail polish is terrible. It seems to be hard, but using your hands for anything beyond talking like an Italian is going to tear it up.

And yet, every once in a while I am really, really wanting to do my nails, but I don’t want to introduce terrible chemicals to my body, so I try it. And then I think it’s dry enough to go on with life…and I’m wrong.

And I blame myself.

I’M the one who didn’t wait long enough. I shouldn’t have tried another coat. I do a terrible job putting it on anyway…and on and on it goes.


leaving my left-handed art skills aside, okay

I would have better results with a sharpie and some wood varnish.

It’s the same with dieting. There is so much margin for error, that people blame themselves for not making it work, when it fundamentally doesn’t work with human biology.

Yes, I need to eat less processed foods. No, I shouldn’t try to eat less.

I swear I’m learning.