Pod-Blast 1: Magic Lessons Ep. 1

Boundaries are tough. They’re also vital. Brene Brown defines vulnerability as connection and intimacy within boundaries. Without boundaries, sharing things personal and vulnerable for you is reckless–and does not build connection.

I’ve been thinking about the importance of modeling boundaries. If I won’t say no, because the people around me don’t, then how can any of us start building good fences and become good neighbors?

Modeling is also vital in creativity. That’s what it’s all about in today’s first podcast blast where I share top mind-altering podcasts I’ve loved.

I’m a relative newcomer to podcasts. Elizabeth Gilbert’s Magic Lessons are what really sold me on how much they had to offer, starting last year. So let’s launch with HER launching episode!

Episode 1: Do What Ignites Your Soul

This episode answers a writing mom’s inquiry into why she feels stuck. She knows it’s partly guilt–guilt that if she’s not 100% devoted to her children and only them, she’s taking something from them.

This is far from the truth. Moms model for kids what it is to be a person–and this includes boundaries and behaviors toward your own well-being and dreams.


Image taken from the blog of the mom in question, Erin Janda Rawling

Check it out!

Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert – Episode 1 (Season 1)

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