By Increments

I find meditation and running very similar.

The first 20 seconds last about 10 minutes, every time you look down time surely having stopped while you weren’t paying attention.

Slowly, you get more adjusted, if you keep with it. Eventually 5 minutes of meditation may come to feel like 2.

(I wouldn’t know about running. I’m currently only netting 5 minutes over the course of an hour.)

Funny enough, it seems like those first 20 seconds are as long as ever when you first come back.

I think this is actually the way a lot of fresh changes work.

When you first sit down to a sewing machine, getting it threaded feels like it takes an hour, when it’s only a few minutes. When you first quit sugar, you think about cookies and candy every few seconds instead of a few times a day.

That’s why I run programs that start off in baby steps.

When Recovery Mode launches next week, the first two days will be really short. To those who aren’t used to taking that time out to only take care of themselves, it will seem like an AGE of not being productive, or watching their show, or getting back to their mother about holiday plans.

And getting past that initial drag of inertia isn’t easy, even if it’s only a few seconds.

That’s what you have me for.


Check out the sweet package included in Recovery Mode! You still have time to get in on time to take care of yourself in 5 minute increments for the first 3 weeks of December.

Recovery Mode

Are you a subscriber? If you sign up, I’ll send you a sweet discount code for 20% off Recovery Mode and other future programs!


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