Draw That Demon

I attended and was part of programming ReaderCon last week! One of the panels was titled “Challenging the Coercive Muse”.

During the discussion, there was an interesting breakdown on muses as demons vs. as true inspiration.

Since I don’t really have much of an investment in the muses idea, I hadn’t thought about when the inner critic gets bundled up with it.

Maybe a lot of people consider that a lump deal.

That makes it seem like an internal critical monologue is a necessary part of the creative process (which SEEMS true, I have experienced that).

I no longer think it is. Should you apply critical thinking skills to your artistic process? Absolutely. The emphasis being on “thinking skills”. Because the Inner Critic is just trying to minimize risk, not improve your art.

I’m going to be doing an online workshop on Tuesday called “Quash Your Inner Critic”, about just this!

Here’s a preview video I bust out today:

Quash Your Inner Critic Teaser

Get in on the Facebook Event for reminders: Quash Your Inner Critic Event

or be ready to get on at 7pm Central on Tuesday the 19th at this Marvelous Link

Replays available eventually!


How do you distinguish your inner demons from your inner genius? Haha. Let me know in the comments!


A second session of MoJo – a Month of Journalling is coming up! Check it out.

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