There’s a particular rise on the walk I take close to my house with a view that fills me with joy.

If anyone reading this knows where I live, they may find this hilarious. I live in a slightly dumpy bit of Americana plainsland, where cargo trains grumble by at erratic but frequent intervals and cattle eat the fields down to depleted soil.

Still, this slightly hilly overlook on little clumps of houses and lines of trees along creeks makes my heart glad.

I was thinking on my walk yesterday that it probably started from my childhood in New England. Driving through the Massachusetts countryside,  I remember my mom announcing “There’s Fruitlands!”

This sounded delicious. It was a break of meadows and fields amidst the close growth of trees, dramatic and lovely. I didn’t really know (though I’d been told) that it was place of historic importance–I just knew it looked like a storybook place. The words seemed to announce, “Behold! This is very good.”

I was small enough to not know the exact geography and so often wrongly announced, “There’s Fruitlands!” at a totally ordinary area of cleared fields. I wasn’t really thinking of the museum on it (which we perhaps visited) but just that picture.

Oklahoma hardly a forested area, and yet–that scene of country-life among the hills still gives me that feeling. “Behold!”

It is, to me, very good.

Have you found a place that, maybe for an odd reason, makes you glad?

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