This Nerd : Eating Under Duress

Currently my (mom’s) kitchen looks like this:

rawkitchenit’s going to be BEAUTIFUL

but let’s be real. I am not cooking balanced meals right now. The stove isn’t even hooked up.

I’ve been buying a lot of finger-foods and conveniently packaged whole foods.ontheconveyor.JPG

I think I’ve been striking a good balance between nutritional value and convenience (though there has been a shade more chocolate and ice cream in the mix than usual…)

The really tough part is listening to my body about being hungry. If I don’t sit down to regular meals, it’s easy to graze through the day, or just eat a lot at late hours. I know I do best with people to sit down with, to remember to take my time. Chew. Enjoy.

But I also know that when my family’s out of town, maybe sitting in my car at the park listening to Harry Potter on audiobook and eating sushi is a decent alternative.

I’m pretty sure it’s not a health food, but it’s a good bargain to strike with a body craving comfort, and a brain craving novelty.


What’s your brain-and-body strategy to deal with today?

One thought on “This Nerd : Eating Under Duress

  1. Well dang it Lauren brought in doughnuts and someone else brought in a homemade chocolate cake. The word No did not apply today.


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