Sabbaticals Sound So Radical

I took a break.

What’s funny is it was HARD.

To try and take a break for a month. And I ended up crowding the beginning of my break with “life” being crazy, so though I knew I needed a full month off I started back to work while having only really had a couple of scattered weeks off.

And it didn’t really work.

I started to feel the energy to start again about a week later than I’d let myself wait (the time I KNEW I should get back officially to work, when I made my plans).

But, but, but!

I am not DOING anything.

Things I ended up doing on my break:

  • Hosting 3 different sets of houseguests
  • finishing Christmas gifts
  • Helping plan a house remodel
  • Keeping an eye on remodelling people
  • Reading books I’ve been meaning to read (including assigned book club books)
  • finishing setting a new yarn
  • frogging a project and then reknitting the yarn into something I actually liked
  • cleaning out my clutter

All these good things. And probably mainly made possible (without insanity) by my “break”.

Who knew vacations were a skill to develop? I am going to know better for next year.

Or maybe for this summer. I sucked at this break so much I may have to do another one before I forget the lessons I needed to learn.



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