The Blue Castle

The Blue Castle is a book I treasure. It came to me at a time when I felt a lot of comradeship with Valancy. Despite not really having the same issues, my emotional landscape felt a lot like hers.

Here’s my video intro to gorgeous novel: 

I’m approaching the age Valancy is at the start of the book, and have made my own journey to be looking back on it from the other side of my own jail-break.

I don’t *need* the book in the same way I did then, but I think it’s a perfect read for both those feeling trapped, and those rejoicing in their freedom!

Maybe if we buy enough copies they’ll fix the cover in a reprint…

Domestic Warrior Goddess did a glorious job recovering of The Blue Castle – isn’t it perfect?

The Blue Castle – Embroidered Book


My upcoming NoMoReMo program deals with both the physical and emotional aspects of recovery and emotional health–check it out!

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