NoMoReMo – the recovery program your write-brain has been waiting for!

I am launching my very first coaching program for creatives! It starts Dec. 1. You guessed it–Post-Nano Day 1.

I’m calling it NoMoReMo: Novel Month Recovery Mode. Here’s a bit about why this matters to me:

Even if you’re not doing a NaNoWriMo project, this program will be a great holiday stress inoculation. 21 days of restorative food, rest, and fun are targeted toward the worn out writer, artist, introvert. To rebuild the reserves of your humanity.

You know what I’m talking about.

You’ll end up with more energy, focus, and even socializing power (should you choose to use it).

The content: a series of exclusive e-mails, videos, and recipes, with weekly group video calls. Plus, a mini aromatherapy kit!

The bonus round: one half-hour brainstorming session on your novel during December, one 50 minute complimentary health coaching session during January or February.

The cost: $50

The deal, a: $40 if signed up by Nov. 21st!

The deal, b: $40 if you bring a friend!

Join my free coaching newsletter list now to get a pre-series of e-mails during the last three days of NaNo. I will be cheering you on and giving you tips for focus and productivity! Use the code “NaNo” in the “free first session” box.

Get in!

If you are ready to buy the 21 Days NoMoReMo program, do the same, but use the code “NoMo” in that box.

My qualifications: I am a three-time NaNo winner, published poet, and am certified as a health coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

I also love Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. I used it along with wholistic remedies to navigate my recovery from blocked and depressed to writing and coaching.

Questions? Shoot me an e-mail at bethany (at) or write to me on the Unlock Facebook.


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