What It’s Like to Meet with a Health Coach

A basic intro to what health coaching is! Like, life-coaching, but with health as a big factor, basically.

You may wonder, why is health a big deal? The last thing we often like to think about is what we’re doing wrong. And stuff about health usually involves a lot of finding out we do stuff wrong.

But because it’s about improving your life in ways that work for you, it’s not about me sitting you down and saying, “No beer, no cake, no nothing you love anymore.”

It’s about us figuring out where you’re sabotaging yourself by not eating what you need to eat, and crowding out bad habits with new good ones.

If you end the workday dragging your tail, then have to pump yourself up for working on that novel, or your workout, but then you sleep poorly because of caffeine, there’s a vicious cycle. And a coach helps brainstorm, what is energizing through the day for you without sugar and caffeine?

How can you power through work and still have energy afterward for the things you love?

And that answer is going to be a very individual thing.

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