I’m reading Felicia’s memoir

It’s called “You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)” and it is great (with a weird dash of life coaching!)

But the first third was kinda brain-twisty, like reading an alternate history of me.

I have had suspicions before that Felicia Day was my generation-up doppelganger. (Generation separated means we’re different enough we don’t have to kill each other. PHEW. That would be ugly.)

But anyway, reading her memoir (I’m on page 43 as of typing this) is kind of awesome in an alternate history sort of way.

For one thing, our worlds as homeschoolers were actually quite different…but our experiences of it are pretty similar. My mom loved to take us to museums, not so much making us sit at desks. But that’s not the kind of weirdness that has me convinced we are alternate dimensions of each other. That gets way more specific. Example:

At dance class (meant to fill a socializing vacuum) Felicia was creating horoscopes for her classmates, only to get shut down by a mom who didn’t like that kind of stuff. On her teacher telling her this:

“Nothing I said could persuade [Miss Mary]. She was a Taurus. Once her mind was made up, it was over.”

When I was 11, I started Scottish Highland dance with some twin kindergarteners. Their mom asked me my birthday, which was weird enough. “Ah, a Taurus,” she announced, as though this information was what I had definitely wanted.

I knew only enough about horoscopes to try to forget I knew what I was, because that stuff is occult.

Maybe this is all in my mind, but that’s where I live, so…

I love the little excerpts from her childhood diaries, in edited snap-shots. They sound so much like mine–wicked precocious vocab (I knew the word precocious though I still cannot spell it), totally snotty intellectual high horse.

It’s giving me ideas about just how it could work to write my own. Which I’ve thought about, and started more than once.

Don’t worry, Felicia. I’m not famous enough to get on my own cover.


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