I Could Fix That For You

…but I know you have to fix it for yourself.

It’s the coach’s conundrum.

Recently a student group I’m on has been rife with whining. There are a couple of lectures that got duplicated in our Institute for Integrative Nutrition modules, and this week one of the speakers was reportedly boring.

It gets my hackles up. 90% of the material we have is wonderful, 80% of it is out of this world fantastic, talks from passionate leaders in their fields. (Think like longer TED talks. Many of them have done TED!)

I want to grab the whiners by the scruff and ask, “WHAT IS IT YOU’RE BLOCKED IN that you’re complaining instead of enjoying the great stuff and putting it into practice?”


I went into this particular talk I’ve heard complaints on prepped for both a dry experience AND to be defensive for the particular speaker.

Because I want to someday be on that stage, speaking about how creativity matters, I was also wanting to learn what went wrong.

And I think…something must have. The actual content was great. There was a very funny phrase that when the audience laughed a little the presenter gave a half-chuckle.

My healer-side, though, just kept watching her, trying to figure it out–what was her pain? This was not the talk she wanted to give, though the actual words may have been. Did she know that besides the audience out there, her message was going to be watched by thousands more? Was she still unable to be present, because of something that happened that day?

I’ll admit, I had to go back and comment that I felt that way–that something had gone wrong.

But ultimately, you can’t make someone be somewhere else in their journey. You can just be ready for when they are ready to dig out what’s stopping them from being great, from moving forward, and have the right tools to keep them on their way.

And maybe post about how AWESOME a different video is, to try and cultivate a different atmosphere. OK, maybe that’s a bit subversive…

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You can't tell this girl she's awesome and have her believe you. She has to find out for herself.
You can’t tell this girl she’s awesome and have her believe you. She has to find out for herself.

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